Utilizing block chain technology
and IPFS (Inter Planetary File System)

PTR Foundation activate grass-roots artists market and grow healthy and sustainably to utilize block chain technology and decentralized storage technology ‘IPFS’ and create artists support program ‘PRT-MINE’ and offer. With ‘PTR-MINE’, PTR Foundation aim to solve existing problems of entertainment industries and optimize market to connect fans and artists globally and actualize the health and sustainable market growth.

Artists can upload ticket information, digital contents as photos and movies for free and receive tipping, and sales profit from digital contents and ticket sales directly from their fans with PTR. Uploaded contents are stored in decentralized storage offered by miners using IPFS technology. For miners, PTR is supplied for compensation for offering storage.

With this system, grass-roots level artists are able to receive profits that were not able in the existing centralized music industries. Also for users, they can directly communicate with artists with tipping and share their information, users can also receive profits as miners so users and artists can both become engine to get together to grow PTR-MINE.

To actualize above plans, PTR Foundation issue original coins ‘PATER (hereunder; PTR) which is usable in PTR-MINE and partner facilities and events for payment settlements as utility tokens. There will be lots of minimum payments by tipping and contents sales so it is not suitable for international money wire system but to use PTR, it is possible to make deals for fans and artists by tipping and contents sales globally. Also, we are able to visualize money flow that were not open before to use block chain technology and also it manages artists’ rights for photos taken by fans for example so it is possible to dispatch profit when contents are used secondary used. This makes it possible to solve compliance issues. PTR-MINE is already released as proto type Ver.0.7.

PTR-MINE Architecture

Data stock
Data stock and search base will be based on the interplanetary file system ("IPFS") but when all creator contents and information files are uploaded, it will be stocked eternally using encryption in decentralized IPFS network node, which will help to deter hackers and also protect privacy of files and data. The secret key will be stocked eternally in the PTR-MINE smart contract to prevent any accidental loss of the secret key. Users will use a hash rate or secret key to access media files on the PTR-MINE. The benefit of using IPFS is that this will allow partial file storage mode, and can draw on the closest network node to visitors in order to increase speed to load the content requested.

Smart Contract
Smart contracts will be employed to secure and distribute any financial rights, profits, and intellectual properties of creators and users. PTR-MINE will automatically distribute users’ profit and rights attributions. PTR-MINE will offer various smart contract templates for users to build or assign smart contract templates which can be customized for bonus and price. Initial applications support a variety of activities, including payment, Tipping by users, contents judgment, contents distributions, members’ subscriptions, communications among users, and contents auction. Also in PTR-MINE in-community, we will keep rights through number of community votes and data similarity analytics.

Audio/video streaming service
Audio will be based on real time live streaming; High quality audio distribution is managed by the PTR consortium node, which will support live streaming content distribution by dispatching streaming server cluster. Each consortium node will share audio and video streaming in real time, so that the users can view live streaming wherever they are. As more blocks and data are generated, any PTR Tokens paid or earned by the consortium node will be used for purchasing streaming server or operations.

Product application
We develop wallet in PTR-MINE to support decentralized applications on our PTR eco-system and create product applications. For example, user communications, E Commerce, smart ticket, patent rights management, crowd funding functions. Value transactions among platform users are conducted between peer to peer in main chain of PTR-MINE and actualize a perfect decentralization. PTR consortium node consensus mechanism in PTR-MINE keeps security in total chain system and may defense 51% of attacks efficiently and actualize dispending fees for transactions and increase speed of transactions dramatically.


PTR offer users with mining program. Mining program is offered for users. Mining is offered for user’s PoS (Proof of Storage) and PoA (Proof of Activity).

PoS (Proof of Storage)

Users connect PTR qualified decentralized storage to PTR main chain and offer to issue and grant PTR. There three mining processes for PoS.
1 About connecting to storage
When miners connect PTR qualified decentralized storage to main net, depends on the period of connection and capacity of storage, PTR is issued and granted.
2 About transactions for saved files on storage.
For the digital contents files saved on storage offered by miners, and when transactions such as tipping and purchase occurs, part of the transactions are distributed to miners at a certain ration.

PoA (Proof of Activity)

For the activities of miners in the eco-system, PTR is issued as compensation.
Invitation of Artists
When miner invite artists to PTR-MINE and the artist joins PTR-MINE, PTR is issued and granted. Also, when the artist make transactions such as tipping and digital contents, part of the transactions are distributed to miners at a certain ration.

PTR Token Rule

Legal Features of the PTR Token
The PTR Token is only accepted as a currency for the settlement of payments in the PTR-MINE, and do not carry any other rights apart from this function. To be clear:
1) The PTR Token is not, and is not intended to be a security, and holders of the PTR Tokens shall not, under any circumstances, have voting rights, a right to a share of profits or the right to receive dividends, through holding the PTR Tokens. In particular, any bonus or reward of PTR Tokens to users is premised solely on their contributions and activities on the PTR-MINE, and not as a result of them holding PTR Tokens.
2) Save for the right to exchange the PTR Tokens for the services or goods on the PTR-MINE, the PTR Tokens do not have any rights of redemption as against PTR for cash or any form of consideration.
3) The PTR Tokens are not "currency-denominated assets" and are not pegged to the value of any currency, and are based solely as a form of value within the PTR-MINE. Any sale or exchange of PTR Tokens is conducted with third-party cryptocurrency exchanges.
Also, PTR Foundation has raised fund only with equity finance and do not plan to hold a token sales.

Token ERC20
Maximum setting of issue 10,000,000,000
Initial issue quantity 3,000,000,000
Decimal point unit 8 digits
Minimum transaction range 0.00000001 Token
Token Symbol PTR

Security System

Safety and Operational Integrity

PTR Token’s business is based on effective Information Security management, our reputation and credibility depend on the provision of secure on-line services. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations in this respect and make their on-line experience second to none. Our number one challenge is to keep abreast of the security threat landscape and adapt fast.

We are constantly seeking to improve Information Security through the application of appropriate and effective Governance, Risk and Compliance Management.

PTR Token has a comprehensive security strategy based on the company’s business goals and objectives and this enables us to ensure that we can achieve our stated outcomes.

We have a business model for Information Security that details hierarchical accountability and defines how the 4 critical resource elements of the company (People, Processes, Technology and Organization) are lead, managed and operated.

PTR Token maintain a set of Information Security policies (ISO27002) that are effective and proportionate to manage and control the following areas of critical security concern (non- exhaustive list)

User DApp Security Measures

PTR Token understands that security is fundamental and inherent to decentralised application (DApp) design and development. All security design is guided by our business model for Information Security and relevant company security policies. In this way, we ensure that security is designed-in to our products from the outset and that it is regularly reviewed throughout the DApp lifecycle. [Organization]

We achieve this by employing and maintaining an experienced and highly motivated application developer pool - staffed by some of the brightest and most talented individuals currently working in the industry.[People]

PTR Token apply the latest design processes and development principles, which are drawn from current academic and industry best practice and prevailing international standards bodies (ISO/IEC/IEEE) security advice.[Process]

We understand the fundamental differences between DApp development and traditional app development, recognising that code cannot be deployed into a production environment without rigorous scrutinisation to give a high degree of assurance that it is secure. [Organization]

PTR Token uses the latest audit, analyse and testing tools to ensure code performs to its specification and can be formally verified that it performs as anticipated.[Technology]

These principles enable PTR Token to maintain a high-degree of confidence and assurance that our DApps are secure, however we never rest on our laurels, and continue to recognise the need to remain ever vigilant and responsive to new and innovative potential threat vectors. [Organization]


2017 Q4 PTR business lauching Road To China Vol.1 in Tokyo
Equity Finance
Partnership with uplive
2018 Q1 Formation of KOLers Formation of KOLers
Live streaming through Uplive
Development for PTR-MINE and PTR-WALLET
Deployment for PTR tokens
2018 Q2 KOLers became nation wide "Road To China"Event in local cities
2018 Q3 Road To China Goal Participation in Fancy Frontier Taipe
2018 Q4 PTR-MINE Ver.0.7 Released PTR-MINE , PTR-WALLET β
2019 Q1 PTR Listing Listing of PTR
2019 Q2 PTR LISTING Listing of PTR
Started development of decentralized storage for mining
2019 Q3 Start mining for PTR Start sales of decentralized storage for mining
2020 Q2 PTR-MINE ver.1.0 Carry out a test for test-chain
Issue newPTR based on IPFS
2021 Q1 PTR-MINE Release ver.1.0 Release for original chain Ver.1

Our Team

Operation Company

Company name PTR Foundation


Operation Company

Company name Dream Supporter Inc.
Establishment July 2017
Location SKI Akasaka 2F, 6-10-8, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business description Supporting cultural development using live streaming
Artists management